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WWF's vision and strategy for sustainable palm oil


WWF is working for oil palm plantations that: 
  • do not threaten high conservation value areas
  • are managed according to sound environmental practices
  • deliver positive social impacts
  • are developed under appropriate regulatory frameworks
  • operate transparently
  • reduce their greenhouse gas emissions


  • Socially acceptable and environment-friendly production and sourcing of palm oil
  • Increased demand for, and use of, goods produced under such practices.


Our areas of work to achieve this include:

Better production Improving policy Transforming markets Responsible consumption Responsible financing

Developing better production practices that reduce the environmental and social impact of palm oil

Identifying areas that should be zoned out of production due to their high conservation value, while encouraging production on available degraded lands

Calling for transparent land-use planning processes to achieve an optimal distribution of natural forests, plantations, agricultural areas, urban areas and other land-use

Promoting responsible purchasing and investment policies in the palm oil sector

Conducting seminars for companies that buy these commodities so that they can procure them more responsibly

Inviting consumers to choose products made from sustainable palm oil

Providing guidance to the finance sector on sustainable financing and investing in the palm oil sector

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