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Interactive Palm Oil Scorecard

Click on the bubbles in the interactive guide to discover which companies have scored highly in the WWF Palm Oil Buyers' Scorecard 2011—the higher the score, the more responsibility taken by the company on sustainable palm oil.

Is our palm oil clean?

If you use soap and washing up liquid, eat noodles and cereal, or apply lipstick, chances are these products include palm oil. Check out the interactive guide to find out which companies are using sustainable palm oil that does not threaten forests and wildlife.
  • The scope of this assessment did not allow for independent verification of all the information provided by companies for the Scorecard.
  • While the Scorecard is largely informed by verifiable data and publicly available information, the final scoring is necessarily determined by unverified data provided by the company such as total volume of palm oil use, and WWF’s assessment of a company’s intentions and actions for sustainable palm oil.
  • WWF values transparency, and for some questions, points were only awarded if a company made public its commitments and actions.
  • While a number of companies have achieved the top score, this does not mean they have reached the "peak" of sustainability with regards to palm oil. This Scorecard represents a snapshot in time of company performance, showing how well they are performing in relation to each other in 2011.
  • Most of the top performers still have a long journey ahead of them – they need to continue to increase purchases of sustainable palm oil and in most cases, move to traceable supply chains before the target date of 2015.

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