/ ©: James Morgan  / WWF International
Clearing for oil palm plantations threatens some of the world’s greatest forests, endangered species such as orangutans, and puts forest-dwelling people at risk.

But with better management practices, the palm oil industry could still provide economic and social benefits without threatening some of our most breathtaking natural treasures.
Debate on palm oil between RSPO, WWF and Greenpeace

Making room for wildlife, forests, and sustainable palm oil

By applying stringent production criteria to all stages of palm oil manufacture, oil palm plantations need not flourish at the expense of rainforests

WWF is working on a number of fronts to achieve this:

  • Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) – we are part of a large, international group of palm oil producers, palm oil buyers, and environmental and social groups working to define, implement and promote better practices for sustainable palm oil production

WWF's goals

    • Socially acceptable and environment-friendly production and sourcing of palm oil
    • Increased demand for, and use of, goods produced under such practices.

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