Our Heroes

Rangers put their lives on the line to protect our planet's most important wildlife. These unsung heroes – sometimes called forest guards, park wardens or field enforcement officers, depending on the country – work under harsh conditions on the frontlines of conservation to keep wildlife safe. Everyday they face danger from poachers to the very wildlife they protect but they walk on, in the forests, hills and snow.


WWF is supporting rangers through field skills trainings. This training gives staff expertise, experience and information that is crucial when confronting situations on the ground - some of which mean life or death. 

Our plan is to ensure all important wildlife areas have field staff with basic and advanced enforcement skills. Contact WWF Tigers Alive Initiative's head enforcement trainer Rohit Singh at rsingh@wwf.panda.org for more information.


Rangers are critical in achieving Zero Poaching, but not always fully appreciated for their work. From July 2012 to July 2013, WWF ran a global postcard campaign Cards4Tigers to raise awareness of rangers and encourage people from around the world to send messages of support. Rangers received over 100,000 postcards through this action. Although Cards4Tigers is officially finished, you can post a message of support on our wall.


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The Ranger Federation of Asia is an association of those who protect Asia’s wildlife. It was created by WWF and partners as a platform to bring those people and organisations together and build support around the world.

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