Zero Poaching

Zero Poaching

WWF is working with tiger range country governments to:
  • train & equip rangers,
  • develop the latest anti-poaching technology,
  • implement conservation standards,
  • break trade routes,
  • support sustainable livelihoods
The organization and militarization of poaching globally has reached critical levels, threatening not only tigers and other iconic species but also the essential ecosystems in which they live and the territorial security of nations.


Rangers are at the front line of the struggle to stop poaching. They daily put their lives in danger to protect tigers and other threatened wildlife, many doing so with little or no pay, spending days and weeks away from their families, often with inadequate equipment. WWF and partners have been working to develop anti-poaching technology and equipment to support these brave men and women. 

 / ©: National Geographic Stock / Michael Nichols / WWF
© National Geographic Stock / Michael Nichols / WWF

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