Space for Tigers & People

Creating Space for Tigers & People

WWF is looking to the future. As populations grow and economies expand in Asia, there will be increasing pressure on fragmented wild tiger populations. Without prudent planning and timely interventions, little space may be left for tigers, or other species that require large, wild areas.

Our work aims to find solutions that will merge development needs
with the need for robust and viable wild tiger populations. This includes:
  • addressing and seeking solutions to human-tiger conflict Securing enough space for tigers by ensuring land-use plans are well-formed and are well executed on the ground;
  • ensuring forests and tigers are recognized as valuable contributions to a thriving green economy;
  • building strong support for tigers in the communities that live in the tiger landscapes.
 / ©: National Geographic Stock / Michael Nichols / WWF
© National Geographic Stock / Michael Nichols / WWF

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