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WWF Tigers Alive Initiative

Tigers are endangered. The wild tiger population has dropped 97% over the last hundred years. With as few as 3,200 wild tigers left, bold and immediate action is needed.

WWF is working with tiger range country governments to double wild tiger numbers – this goal is called TX2.


GTI Meeting


The TX2 goal was established in 2010, the last year of the tiger, at the Tiger Summit in St Petersburg. Here all 13 tiger range countries committed to the most ambitious and visionary conservation goal ever set – to double wild tigers numbers by 2022, the next year of the tiger.

To drive TX2 forward the WWF Tigers Alive Initiative was established - a global tiger conservation programme spanning the entire WWF network.

WWF Tigers Alive Initiative is working with tiger range governments to:
  • Drive political momentum to ensure tigers remain a top priority for world leaders
  • Professionalize wildlife protection by training rangers, developing conservation standards (CA|TS) and technology (SMART) to achieve Zero Poaching
  • Tackle the illegal wildlife trade through our partnership with TRAFFIC
  • Focus efforts in key tiger landscapes
  • Ensure there is space for both tigers and people in the future


 / ©: National Geographic Stock / Michael Nichols / WWF
© National Geographic Stock / Michael Nichols / WWF

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