Salute Rhino Heroes on World Rhino Day

It’s Rhino Day on 22 September.

This year, we’re saluting rhino heroes, the brave men and women who devote their lives to defending rhinos. Some of them lose their lives.

South Africa’s rhinos are still facing a poaching onslaught, caused by the illegal rhino horn trade driven by demand from Asia. Rhino poaching is often carried out by well-armed, international criminal syndicates using sophisticated technology.

More than 380 rhinos have already been killed by poachers this year.

The courageous effort of rhino heroes must be backed up at other levels. This includes making sure that those guilty of rhino crimes do not walk free on technicalities, and that punishment is commensurate with the crime.

In South Africa, officials have begun to conduct more rigorous prosecutions and impose stricter sentences. WWF has called for a corresponding commitment by countries in Asia where illegal demand for rhino horn is driving poachers.

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Celebrate with us!

 / ©: WWF

Adult and calf white rhino. / ©: WWF-Canon / Martin HARVEY
Adult and calf white rhino.
© WWF-Canon / Martin HARVEY

An end to rhino poaching

On the occasion of the third annual World Rhino Day, WWF joins the residents of rhinoceros range countries in calling for an end to rhino poaching, which threatens the survival of rhino species.  


How can people help rhino and those who defend them?
  • Promote Rhino Day on 22nd September.
  • Raise funds or donate money. Unfortunately, rhino conservation is expensive and ongoing. Poaching is a constant reality in spite of the massive efforts on the ground by the heroes who defend our rhinos.
  • Report anything suspicious to your local conservation authority.
  • Visit game reserves. Share your love for rhinos with people who don’t yet understand their plight. 
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Did you know...

    • More than 280 rhinos have already been killed by poachers this year.
    • Only 150 years ago Africa’s savannahs teemed with over a million black and white rhinos.
    • Conservation efforts for the black rhino have seen the total number of individuals grow from 2,599 in 1997 to 4,848 in 2010.

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