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 / ©: Martin Harvey / WWF-Canon
Southern white rhinoceros adult and calf. The white rhino is listed by the IUCN and all other conservation groups as endangered. Many game wardens and researchers routinely risk their lives to help protect this species from poachers. New and innovative management programs are being developed to help save this magnificent creature. Just over 4000 white rhinos exist in the wild today. Southern Africa and East Africa.
© Martin Harvey / WWF-Canon

Why donate to WWF?

Because it's time to get serious:
  • WWF has a dedicated rhino campaign to tackle the alarming increase of poaching of wild rhinos.
  • It is also working with partners in the region to secure political will, community involvement, dedicated rhino habitat and stronger trade controls.
  • Through local WWF offices in rhino range countries, it is looking to ramp up the number of rhino patrols and to increase the effectiveness of their monitoring and equipment.

Need help with your donation?

Contact Monika Kull, who will be happy to help you out.

She can be reached by

  • Telephone +41 22 364 9296 (that's in Switzerland)
  • or by email

Where does the money go?

  • 92% of all money given to WWF goes directly to delivering conservation results.

What we have achieved

    • WWF has been involved in rhino conservation and management in Africa for more than 45 years.
    • WWF started its African Rhino Programme in 1997, which has worked with partners and has helped the black rhino population increase from a low of 3,000 to nearly 5,000.
    • WWF was already involved in bringing the southern white rhino, which was almost extinct 100 years ago with less than 100 individuals, back to a healthy and thriving population of over 20,000 rhinos.
    • WWF supports TRAFFIC - the global organization that works specifically to prevent the illegal trade of wildlife products such as rhino horn.

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