Location and movements of Kadaru, tagged in Suriname

Turtle Name: Kadaru

The name Kadaru, means “green turtle or any sea turtle” in Kalina, the native Caraib language.
Deployment location
Pruimenboom 1, Suriname

Deployment date
May 21 at 1:10 AM

Current location
This turtle is no longer transmitting. Apparently the battery of the radio transmitter ran dry or the transmitter got hit by a boat.

Team in charge of deployment & tracking
WWF Guianas in collaboration with Stinasu, with technical support from CCC

Carapace length
154 cm

Turtle's sponsor/s
WWF Guianas
	© WWF Guianas
Tagging Kadaru
© WWF Guianas
	© WWF Guianas
Tagged Kadaru
© WWF Guianas
	© Dan Evans, CCC
Map showing the route followed by Kadaru (click to enlarge)
© Dan Evans, CCC

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