Location and movements of Quasimoda, tagged in Kinguere

Turtle Name: Quasimoda

Deployment location
Beach Kinguere (National Park Pongara)

Deployment coordinates
Lat: 0° 17,508' N
Long: 9° 18,268' E

Tag left
KUD04537 (relecture)

Tag right
KUD04540 (relecture)

Carapace Length
143 cm

Carapace width
102 cm (Big hump on his back)

68238 / 10122 (antenna pointing backward)

Hour of departure at sea

Team in Charge

Turtle´s Sponsors

Quasimoda, named after a peculiar "hump" on its carapace, is an adult female leatherback encountered by WWF and partners. She was found nesting on the morning of March 5, 2006, in Pongara National Park in Gabon. She is one of several African leatherbacks that demonstrate with their travel routes the connection between African nesting sites and their corresponding feeding grounds in the South-Western Atlantic, along the South American coast. A harness with a satellite transmitter was applied after she finished nesting.
The leatherback turtle named Quasimoda. 
	© WWF
The leatherback turtle named Quasimoda. Click to view an enlarged picture.
Animated map for Quasimoda. 
Map locator for this leatherback. Click to view an enlarged animated version. The latest positional maps are available below.

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