Report on the 2007 green turtle program at Tortuguero, Costa Rica

Posted on 19 May 2009  | 
During 2007, a total of 39 track surveys were conducted along the entire 18 miles of beach between Tortuguero river mouth and Jalova lagoon.

Green turtle nesting was observed between March and November, 2007; although false crawl emergences were seen from mid-February until December. Peak nesting was recorded on 2 September, 2,193 nests were counted in a single night.

An estimated 177,620 green turtle nests were laid during 2007.A total of 21.0% of all green turtle nests recorded during track surveys were deposited between Tortuguero river mouth (mile –3/8) and mile 5, where all night patrols took place.

Jaguars killed a minimum of 12 green turtles in 2007. Hawksbill nesting density was very low throughout the season, with only two nests recorded; one in May, the other in July.  During daily track surveys conducted by RAs between 13 June and 31 October, a total of 24,499 green turtle nests and 23,324 green turtle false crawls were recorded between the Tortuguero river mouth and the mile 5 marker.

2007 Reporte green turtle program at Tortuguero, Costa Rica
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