Donate to panda conservation work

How your money will be used

€ 15 ($19) Could buy 5 cartridges of film for infrared cameras used to monitor giant pandas and other animals in the Minshan Mountains.

€ 44 ($56) Could buy a water-proof suit for a ranger who patrols the panda's habitat.

€ 44 ($56) Could support a ranger for a five-day training course on GIS (Geographic Information System), which will help collect more accurate and critical information about the giant panda’s habitat.

€ 89 ($111) Could buy an energy-saving stove, which saves half the annual firewood that a household traditionally uses for cooking and heating.

€ 222 ($278) Could buy a biogas energy system, which would save half the annual firewood used per household, improve the sanitation of the home and get a cleaner energy source.

€ 222 ($278) Could buy an infrared camera (including film and battery) to be used for animal-friendly monitoring of wild animals in nature reserves.

€ 340 ($427) Could provide a household home garden, which would alleviate poverty by planting walnut, pepper, and other kinds of vegetables to be sold or used in the home.

€ 1,109 ($1,392) Could save an injured giant panda.

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