What is a corridor?

No panda is an island

Pandas live in 20 habitats within their current range. These zones are like islands of wilderness that contain the two essential ingredients for panda survival – bamboo and other pandas.
These zones are cut off from each other by roads, farms, cities and other human development.

The Chinese government, in partnership with WWF, are now working to link these isolated panda habitats with corridors of bamboo forest.

By creating green bamboo corridors that link these zones, like a bridge connecting an island, this will allow the remaining pandas to extend their range, find more food and find other pandas to mate with and increase their population and their genetic diversity.
 / ©: naturepl.com / Edwin Giesbers / WWF
© naturepl.com / Edwin Giesbers / WWF
 / ©: WWF
Panda corridors
  • Bamboo planting ceremony / ©: WWF China

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