Training and capacity building

Between 1996 and 2000, WWF trained more than 300 panda reserve staff and local government officials in nature reserve management, wildlife monitoring, anti-poaching patrolling, and innovative community-based conservation approaches.
Environmental education
In 1997, WWF initiated a community-based conservation programme in Pingwu County, Sichuan province, home to the largest concentration of pandas in China.

The programme teaches local people how to protect panda habitat without compromising their economic livelihood, by training them in sustainable logging methods, introducing new income-generating activities like ecotourism, and raising local awareness about conservation.

Children's environmental art competition
Children living in the Longxi-Hongkou Nature Reserve in the Minshan Mountains, Sichuan province took part in an art competition about the environment. 

The winners of the competition were received their awards at the Gift to the Earth ceremony in October 2006. WWF are awarded the Sichuan and Gansu provincial governments a Gift to the Earth for panda conservation work in the Minshan Mountains.

View the entries from the chidlren's art competition:
Locals from the Baïma tribal group at Wanglang Nature Reserve.  / ©: WWF / John E. NEWBY
Locals from the Baïma tribal group at Wanglang Nature Reserve. Sichuan province, Pingwu county, China
© WWF / John E. NEWBY

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