Objectives: Bukit Barisan Selatan

  • Strengthen rhino and elephant conservation in BBS via the delineation of rhino and elephant distribution and habitat suitability within and around the park, including the identification of essential core areas and habitat linkage options.
  • Intensive biodiversity survey to support augmenting national park area to encompass more rhino habitat.
  • Complete the socio-economic surveys for the remaining neighbouring villages.
  • Develop incentives for village-based forest protection against illegal logging, poaching, and encroachment.
  • Expand anti-poaching and illegal trade intelligence network to ensure sufficient levels of protection so that no Sumatran rhinos are poached in BBS.
  • By 2003: local authorities agree to incorporate more rhino habitat into BBS.
  • By 2003: reach agreement with stakeholders on BBS boundary and add four more RPUs (Rhino Protection Units) to the six existing RPUs to better cover BBS.
  • By 2004: community-based schemes are well-developed in priority villages and poaching levels are significantly reduced from 2001 levels.
  • By 2005: no further loss of habitat.
  • By 2006: Sumatran rhino population trend determined via camera trapping. A stable or increasing Sumatran rhino population documented.

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