Central Terai Arc

A success story for greater one-horned rhinos

Nepal's Royal Chitwan National Park in the Central Terai is the cornerstone of rhinoceros conservation in the Terai Arc.
Chitwan's population of greater one-horned rhinos has increased five-fold since 1960, becoming the second largest population for this species in the world, after India's Kaziranga National Park.

A total of 612 greater Asian one-horned rhinoceros were counted in Nepal's Year 2000 Rhino Census, which was supported by WWF. The operation, completed in May, recorded 67 rhinos in Royal Bardia National Park and 544 rhinos in Chitwan, the latter representing a 20 percent increase since 1994.

WWF and government and non-government partners have been restoring rhino habitat in Nepal to increase rhino numbers and improve connectivity between protected areas.

AREAS is also active in translocating rhinos from Chitwan to establish viable populations elsewhere. The programme's main objectives here include raising the rhino population to 1000 individuals by 2010 and restoring 60% of Chitwan's buffer zone to natural conditions.

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