Objectives: Cat Tien

Conservation objectives

  • Secure the boundaries of Cat Tien National Park and prevent further encroachment by local communities.

  • Stop wildlife poaching and illegal wildlife trade within the park.

  • Prevent logging within the park and allow degraded areas to recover to improve rhino habitat and increase available food resources for rhinos.

Current and Future Objectives

  • Continue research to gain insights into the population structure of Cat Tien National Park's Javan rhinos (via fecal DNA analysis, track analysis, and ongoing photo-trapping), as well as continue investigations of their food supply and habitat needs. Data will be integrated into a GIS database for future land-use management planning.

  • Ongoing ecological and socio-economic research to assist Vietnamese authorities in revising a conservation management plan for the entire Cat Tien National Park.
    The plan proposes changing park boundaries so that heavily populated and farmed areas will be located outside the park and its new boundaries will be commonly agreed upon and strictly enforced.

    In addition, the plan calls for compensated relocation of a small number of people who live within or directly adjacent to the current rhino range, allowing rhinos to access key areas they previously used.

  • WWF is pushing for the draft Action Plan 2000/2010 for the Preservation of the Vietnamese rhino to be officially approved by the Government of Vietnam.

  • Continued training and equipping of Forest Protection Personnel.

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