Achievements: Cat Tien

Scientific and collaboration breakthroughs

Building upon past successes, such as the creation of Cat Loc Forest Reserve (1998) and collecting the first ever images of Javan rhinos in Vietnam (1999), the key Phuoc Son salt lick has been restored by negotiating with people to stop farming the area in its vicinity.

Rhinos are reported to now use the entire area vacated by farmers, indicating the success of this approach as well as the eagerness of the rhinos to accept additional safe habitat.

Other achievements:
  • Three Guard Stations have been built and outfitted with radios and motorbikes. A fast boat was provided for patrols on the Dong Nai River.
  • WWF provides training and equipment to 25 Cat Tien National Park Forest Protection Personnel.

  • Educational children's books about Vietnam's rhinos and the forest that supports them were produced and distributed among local communities to foster a sense of pride in and stewardship for Vietnam's natural heritage. The books emphasize the relationships between the well-being of the people living in the area and the maintenance of intact forests and watersheds.

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