Company responses

Following the publication of Gone in an Instant a number of companies mentioned in the report have issued formal responses.

These will be posted here over the coming days.


Starbucks categorically denies that it has ever purchased coffee from Lampung Province. This position has been communicated to WWF, along with information indicating the true origins of a coffee shipment listed erroneously in a government database of coffee exports from the Province of Lampung.

Starbucks buys only high quality Arabica coffees and throughout the history of our company we have never sourced Robusta, the coffee species exclusively referred to in the WWF's report on the illegal growing of Robusta in Southern Sumatra's Lampung province. All of the coffee we purchase from Sumatra is Arabica and is grown legally in the Northern part of the island.

In keeping with C.A.F.E Practices, a set of socially responsible coffee buying guidelines, Starbucks encourages coffee farming practices that maintain and enhance natural biodiversity and ecosystem functions within and adjacent to coffee production areas. Starbucks is committed to paying premium prices for our coffee; this is part of our integrated approach to coffee sourcing which includes C.A.F.E. Practices, (Coffee And Farmer Equity Practices), a set of socially responsible coffee buying guidelines.

Our approach to coffee purchasing, investment in social development projects and microfinance initiatives in coffee growing regions has been recognized for its leadership within the industry.

Contact :


Olam International Limited

"Olam appreciates the steps WWF has taken to study and publish the effects
commercial activities are having on Bukit Barisan National park. We are
excited to partner with WWF in the Lampung Coffee initiative. We hope this
initiative would introduce traceability for Coffees produced in Lampung and
also help conserve the precious flora and fauna of BBSN Park".

Vasanth Subramanian
Olam International Limited
DID: +65-64341563

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