Support the African Elephant Programme

Funds are desperately needed to help support a range of new and on-going activities to conserve African elephants and to help the people living alongside them.
Individuals, companies, institutions, government aid agencies... all can provide vital support to our work.

Whatever amount you can give will help!

  • CHF 10 (€7) - allows a child to participate in a school trip to an elephant reserve, to raise awareness of elephant conservation.
  • CHF 60 (€40) - pays a month's salary for an anti-poaching ranger.
  • CHF 100 (€70) - provides fuel for 2 months for a project education officer to visit local schools and organize slide shows and drama groups to raise awareness of elephant conservation.
  • CHF 200 (€140) - buys a year's supply of clothing and equipment for a ranger (e.g. waterproof clothing, sleeping bag, boots, rucksack).
  • CHF 900 (€600) - pays for the production of environmental education materials (e.g. books, leaflets, posters) for local schools.
  • CHF 1,200 (€800) - pays for the training of a park guard.
  • CHF 5,000 (€3,500) - pays for the demarcation of a new protected area.
 / ©: Martin Harvey / WWF
African elephant (Loxodonta africana) bull with large tusks, Amboseli National Park, Kenya.
© Martin Harvey / WWF

Help African elephants today!

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