WWF positions for SBSTTA-14, Nairobi May 10-21 2010 | WWF

WWF positions for SBSTTA-14, Nairobi May 10-21 2010

Posted on 06 May 2010    
Herewith find WWF's Positions and corresponding recommendations to the 14th meeting of the Subsidiary Body on Technical and Technological Advice (SBSTTA) of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), which will be held in Narobi from May 10-21, 2010.

WWF calls on Parties at SBSTTA-14 to ensure that COP decisions will include:
  •  an ambitious set of goals and targets in the new Strategic Plan for the next decade which will focus on key threats to biodiversity loss, increase sustainable use practices and enhance benefit sharing implementation,
  •  a Joint Programme of Work of the CBD with UNFCCC and UNCCD which will improve linkages and explore co-benefits between the conventions, set governance principles and ensure biodiversity is protected and not adversely affected by climate change and UNFCCC work,
  • strengthened thematic programmes of work on Protected Areas and on Marine and Coastal Biological Diversity,
  • an ambitious strategy for resource mobilization to increase financing for biodiversity by development of innovative financing mechanisms, establishing clear targets and mechanisms for funding from governments and the private sector, as well as eliminating harmful subsidies,
  • practical steps to integrate biodiversity and ecosystem services into key sectors, such as finance and development, by taking into account the recommendations of The Economics of Ecosystem and Biodiversity for Policy Makers Report (TEEB).

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