Promoting good water governance | WWF
WWF's Global Freshwater Programme is working to create political, social, economic, and administrative systems, processes and institutions to develop and manage water resources and the delivery of water services.
Work to improve water governance includes:
  • Promoting and building capacity for institutional arrangements for river basin management, through e.g. river fora, international river basin organizations, international agreements and mechanisms for transboundary river basin management
Water and river basin governance forms a cross-cutting issue that is integrated into all WWF's work on water stewardship, water security, and freshwater habitat protection
    © Jean-Luc RAY / WWF
Working group session during a training course on Integrated River Basin Management (IRBM) organized the WWF Mediterranean Programme Office, Spain.
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Effective water governance works through networks and relationships between government bodies, the private sector, NGOs, community groups and individuals. It will:

  • Encourage stakeholders to actively participate in designing, planning, managing and implementing water management activities
  • Foster the ability of communities to innovate and adapt to changing circumstances (such as climate change)
  • Improve clarity and allocation of stakeholder roles and responsibilities through legislation and policies
  • Create greater integration between, and coordination of, water management efforts
  • Provide incentives for innovation and improved performance