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Nile-Lake Victoria: Solutions

In the Mara river watershed in Kenya and Tanzania, which drains into Lake Victoria, WWF is facilitating stakeholder dialogue on integrated river basin management for regional and district government institutions, non-governmental organizations and communities.

This includes work to: protect the forest sources of the river on the Mau escarpment, model environmental flows, and develop water sharing agreements needed to sustain people and nature along the river.

WWF also works globally to mitigate climate change and to identify sustainable energy sources. WWF is developing a small project that will examine the effects of climate change on freshwater resources in the Mara river basin. This project will conduct an assessment of impacts, develop locally acceptable adaptation mechanisms, communicate climate testimonials and engage policy makers.

WWF is also implementing an environmental education programme in the Lake Victoria basin that aims to sensitize local communities and governments on the changing situation of the lake and its catchment.

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