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Mekong river: Solutions

The WWF Living Mekong Programme (LMP) works in Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam, and Cambodia, and with China to maintain the biological integrity and sustainable management of the basin’s terrestrial and freshwater resources to benefit local communities, nations and the region as a whole.
It is a multidisciplinary project aimed at coordinating conservation and sustainable development in the river basin through a framework of strong international and regional cooperation with a wide range of key partners including the Mekong River Commission. The LMP focuses on:

  • effective decision-making, mechanisms and policies to reduce major threats, such as infrastructure
  • providing effective protection, restoration and management of freshwater species, habitats and ecosystem processes,
  • ensuring local populations manage their aquatic resources to contribute to sustainable regional and economic development,
  • awareness and capacity-building, and
  • alternative and appropriate energy development.
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Winners of the WWF-TRAFFIC high school writing contest on illegal wildlife consumption in Vietnam.
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