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La Plata river: Solutions

Our work over the last few years

For the last decade WWF has concentrated its conservation work in the La Plata Basin through its Pantanal Ecoregion Programme in Brazil and Bolivia and its Atlantic Forests Ecoregion Programme in Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay.

WWF has been active in the participation in and/or preparation of economic, engineering and feasibility studies related to the hidrovia and other infrastructure proposals that would impact the Pantanal wetlands.

Also in the Pantanal and the Upper Paraguay river basin, in both Brazil and Bolivia, WWF has worked with local stakeholders on improving protected areas management, the formation and strengthening of local organizations, institutional capacity building, environmental education programmes, and the promotion of sustainable productive activities like organic farming, ecotourism and community fisheries management.

With help from WWF since 2002, last summer, the Brazilian State of Mato Grasso do Sul and all stakeholders of the Miranda river basin of the Pantanal created the Miranda river basin Committee which ensures multiple use of the basin, while protecting its aquatic biodiversity and water resources.

WWF also supported socio-economic and biological studies and a consensus meeting which developed the framework for conservation and development in the Bolivian Pantanal over the next 10 years.

This process led to the creation of 2 protected areas encompassing most of the Bolivian Pantanal and the remaining Bolivian lowland dry forest. Through work with WWF, Brazil and Argentina conducted collaborative research which led to a joint conservation strategy for over 1 million ha of contiguous Atlantic forest, and is an important step towards cooperative management of the region's Iguazu National Parks.

Finally, WWF is seeking to develop representative protected areas in the Brazilian Pantanal, through the use of innovative incentives and policy mechanisms, and plans to investigate a range of approaches to participatory involvement for local communities and government authorities.

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