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For conservationists, 2019 has been a mixed bag. The world’s leaders recently failed to reach a ...

08 Apr 2019

Paris was the setting for the third round of pitches under WWF’s Bankable Water Solutions ...

01 Apr 2019

Inspired by WWF’s Bankable Water Solutions initiative, seven textile companies in the Buyuk ...

22 Mar 2019

The environmental health of our wetlands across the world is deteriorating. The authoritative ...

22 Mar 2019

A new study shows that large amounts of surface freshwater are being lost every year in the Amazon. ...

18 Feb 2019

Game-changing Respond section added to WWF's unique tool

17 Feb 2019

The Dutch Development Bank will fund the development of potential wastewater treatment projects in ...

13 Feb 2019

Joint TRAFFIC, WWF, U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre report examines how corruption facilitates ...

23 Jan 2019

WWF report reveals major credit exposure in sectors with significant water risk

30 Nov 2018

50 countries and the EU commit to efforts to save continent’s most endangered fish species

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Latest freshwater reports, fact sheets, brochures and more
24 May 2018

WWF report on risks and opportunities from perspective of people living and working in the basin

22 Mar 2016

On World Water Day, a look at water in the economy and how the stories we tell about water shape ...

24 Aug 2015

Better methods to account for water’s value could improve corporate decision making, strengthen ...

22 Mar 2013

WWF criticizes dam projects worldwide that continue to violate fundamental sustainability criteria.

27 Aug 2012

Seeking a sustainable future for Lake Naivasha

18 Nov 2010

The report identifies good progress in the development of environmental flows policy across the ...

07 Sep 2010

The impacts of climate change are most visible in the dramatic changes occurring to the planet’s ...

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