About the Transparent Seas Project

The Transparent Seas Project was launched in 2012 as part of WWF’s Smart Fishing Initiative. The Project has staff based in Washington, Brussels, Maputo and Hamburg, while maintaining active partnerships across WWF’s global network of offices.

TSP works in both “market” and “producer” countries within the seafood supply chain. Our main activities are currently focused in the US, EU and Africa, with links to related SFI initiatives in China and Russia.

TSP is funded through WWF¨s Smart Fishing Initiative core budget, and with generous support from the Oceans 5 funder collaborative and from the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (for activities focused on improving livelihoods by reducing IUU fishing in Coastal East Africa).


Project staff

Alfred Schumm (SFI lead)

David Schorr (TSP project lead)
 +1 202 495 4126 (Washington)

Roberta Elias (US policy lead)
 +1 202 495 4648 (Washington)

Eszter Hidas (EU policy lead)
+32 2 761 0425 (Brussels)

Ben Freitas (wildlife trade specialist)
+1 202 495 4255 (Washington)

Manuel Castiano  (policy officer Africa)
mcastiano@wwf.org.mz (Maputo)

Simran Singh  (administration)

+1 202 495 4234 (Washington)


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