BROCHURE: WWF Coral Triangle programme | WWF
BROCHURE: WWF Coral Triangle programme

Posted on 21 November 2010

There is a place in the Asia Pacific region whose extraordinary marine diversity feeds the world’s appetite for seafood, directly sustains more than 120 million people, and brings visitors from all over the world.

Will you help us protect it?
WWF has been pioneering conservation in the Coral Triangle for more than twenty years, collaborating with businesses, NGO, government agencies and communities.

Today, we are aboard 30-foot fishing vessels giving training on how to dehook caught turtles, meeting with heads of state to secure funding and catalyze governmental support for the Coral Triangle Initiative, and signing deals with some of the leading seafood businesses in the region to help them capitalize on more sustainable ways of doing business.
Cover of WWF Coral Triangle programme brochure
Coral Triangle infographic