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Young people and the sea

Celebrating World Oceans Day 2011

As a child, the ocean – that big blue 71% of the planet – can seem like a long way off. Even on the beach, while collecting shells or building a sand castle, the deep ocean, fathoms below, can seem as far away as a distant planet. But it is there. Right now. And it is full of life. Just thinking about it can ignite a child-like wonder.
The hope is that by encouraging young people to love and respect our oceans, and the incredible biodiversity that resides within them, we can inspire a generation of passionate marine conservationists.

And it is for this next generation that we must protect the oceans and pass onto them a healthy and thriving marine environment that they can conserve.


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We need to increase protection of our oceans

Currently around 0.6%, or around 2.2 million km2, of the world’s oceans is protected. WWF is working towards a network of effectively managed, ecologically representative Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) covering at least 10% of the world's seas.

Learn more about WWF's work to protect the world's marine biodiversity.

Know more about how you can help protect our oceans

Video: Sylvia Earle's wish to protect our oceans

Legendary ocean researcher Sylvia Earle shares astonishing images of the ocean - and shocking stats about its rapid decline.
	© World Oceans Day
World Oceans Day
© World Oceans Day
The theme for this World Oceans Day is "Youth: the Next Wave for Change".

Our work in the oceans

  • Coral Triangle: protecting the global centre of marine biodiversity

    Smart Fishing: reforming commercial marine fisheries towards long-term sustainability

    East African Coast: working with partners to secure a healthy environment along the coast of East Africa
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