Working with local communities | WWF
WWF is committed to supporting local communities, and working with them to conserve and sustainably use their natural resources and to advocate on issues of shared concern.
The people living in and around WWF's priority places, and in proximity to our priority species, are vital partners for our conservation and sustainable development work.

Examples of our work with local communities, indigenous peoples, and traditional peoples include:

  • involving them in the planning, establishment, and management of protected areas
  • ensuring they share in the benefits arising from protected areas
  • supporting local communities in the sustainable management of their natural resources
    © Michel GUNTHER / WWF
Gathering and distilling of aromatic plants such as myrtle is traditionally a female activity in north-west Tunisia. WWF's work in the area includes building the capacity of local associations for high-quality distillation, installing the distillation equipment, developing a marketing plan for the distilled products, and supporting the certification of these products. All these activities are geared at raising local income levels through self-sustaining small community enterprises based on forest products. El Feidja National Park, Tunisia.
© Michel GUNTHER / WWF

Local communities and indigenous peoples are among the Earth's most important stewards of biodiversity and natural places.