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Fisheries Subsidies

In order to help the fishing sector adapt to changing market conditions, the European Union is providing funds for various projects in fisheries and aquaculture. From the exploration of new market outlets to fleet modernisation and capacity reduction, the European Fisheries Fund (EFF) is a powerful tool for managing European fisheries.

The European Fisheries Fund covers the period 2007-2013 and has a budget allocation of approximately 3.8 billion euros for the whole period. Further financial support to the fishing sector can also come from state aid or benefits arising from Fisheries Partnerships Agreements.

Following the requirements of the Common Fisheries Policy, the EFF should help limit the fishing capacity of the European fleet in order to match available natural resources.

WWF believes that to ensure the future of the European fishing fleet, it is critical to shift subsidies from underpinning overcapacity to supporting a sustainable fishing sector. Therefore, influencing the financial mechanisms that guide how subsidies are spent is a crucial part of WWF's work.

WWF will push for the distribution of funds towards less environmentally damaging fishing practices, diversification of jobs in fishing communities and further environmental protection for the marine environment.
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Fisheries Subsidies - Will the EU turn its back on the 2002 Reforms?
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Smart Investments in the fishing sector
Public spending is crucial for fishermen and fishing communities to adapt to a fast changing world.

WWF’s “Smart Investment” guide illustrates how the newly adopted European Fisheries Fund (EFF) could be used to protect the marine environment and promote sustainable fisheries.
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