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Common Fisheries Policy Campaign

Stop Bankrupting our Oceans

Invest in Fish!

Europe’s fisheries are in crisis – 2 out of 3 fish stocks in Europe are overfished. For more than thirty years, EU fishing laws have failed to deliver the changes we need, and there are still too many destructive fishing boats chasing too few fish.
Since 2011 hundreds and thousands of people have taken action and helped us campaign for better fishing laws. Fishermen, processors, retailers and chefs across Europe all want healthy oceans.

In May 2013, the European parliament and fisheries ministers agreed new laws that could help European fish stocks recover, and secure jobs and income for the fishing industry.

It is vital that the revised European Marine and Fisheries Fund, the financial package that supports the fishing industry in Europe, is in line with these new laws. In October, the European parliament took a big step towards securing a sustainable future for fishing by voting against subsidies for fleet renewal. It's now up to Europe's fisheries ministers to endorse these proposals.

None of this could have happened without your support. The overall reform shows what we can achieve through citizen power.

Vote Fish!

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European citizens asked member`s of the European Parliament to invest in more fish, not in more boats.

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