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NGO's call for action

Calls for action by WWF, Oxfam, Christian Aid, Greenpeace, ActionAid and Friends of the Earth on the last day of climate negotiations in Doha, Qatar.

WWF performs Abba at Doha Climate Talks

WWF members perform Abba's song, "Money, Money, Money" asking to fill the climate fund. While singing, WWF members display a banner that says: "Bailing out banks = $12 trillion / Saving the climate = $0 / Put the money on the table now"

Sing for the Climate Belgium - Final clip

Sing for the climate

Expectations for REDD+ Webinar Video

REDD+ in DRC – Local Action, Global Impact

The Democratic Republic of Congo is actively engaged in preparing for REDD+ implementation. In this short video produced by WWF in the run-up to UNFCCC-COP18, Tosi Mpanu Mpanu, head of the government's official agency on REDD+, CN-REDD, describes the nation's commitment to REDD+ and needs to scale-up  REDD+ in the country.

REDD+ for People and Nature – Mai Ndombe, DRC

WWF has worked with the support and cooperation of the government of DRC, local partners, and local communities to develop and implement REDD+ readiness activities in the Mai-Ndombe area of DRC. This short video begins to tell the story of this successful work.

In Doha (COP18), Let's Burst Kyoto's Hot Air Bubble

With two actions on 4 December, Environmental organisations in Doha will illustrate the urgency to address the gigantic Kyoto hot air surplus. With only a few days left at the international climate negotiations in Doha, countries must act now to cut climate pollution. 'Hot air' does not refer to the weather in Doha. It refers to the 13 billion Kyoto emission permits that countries don't need any more to meet their targets. These permits clog progress on climate because Russia, Poland and Ukraine insist on using or selling them under future commitments. If this hot air is used in a future climate deal, it will not lead to any real emission reductions until 2026. Nature does not go for accounting tricks! We need climate action now!

A Doha, on éclate la bulle d'"air chaud" !

Manifestation visuelle et symbolique organisées par les ONG autour de la nécessité de se débarrasser du trop-plein de quotas carbone (aussi appelé "air-chaud") liés à la première période de Kyoto en vue de la signature de la deuxième période, quotas auxquels s'accrochent fermement la Pologne, l'Ukraine et la Russie. (tout comprendre en lisant l'article dans le ECO : ).
Ceux-ci représentent 13 milliards de tonnes de CO2.
Ici, nous appelons à éclater cette bulle d'air chaud.