Proposal 32: Dalbergia stevensonii (Honduras rosewood) | WWF
Proposal: 32
Proponent: Germany (on behalf of the EU Member States)
Summary of proposal: Inclusion of Dalbergia stevensonii (Honduras rosewood) on Appendix II

WWF position OPPOSE
For WWF's full position, including the rationale and further information, please see page 24 in WWF Positions CITES COP14. Download PDF (3.6 MB | 48 pages)

Why is WWF opposing this proposal?

  • It would seem that habitat loss through deforestation and land conversion are the greatest threats to the species
  • The species does not appear to be readily available on the international market
  • There is insufficient indication of trade levels (legal or illegal) within the proposal to conclude that the species meets the criteria for inclusion in Appendix II, i.e. that regulation of trade is required to ensure the survival of the species in the wild or to prevent it from becoming threatened by other factors
  • Inclusion of the species in Appendix III would be preferable and would help
    • generate trade data,
    • ascertain the role of trade in its population status, and
    • help to stimulate cross-border cooperation in addressing enforcement problems with existing national legislation to control harvest in the species.


  • IUCN/TRAFFIC analysis of proposal 32 to amend the appendices for CoP 14. Download PDF (44 KB | 4 pages)