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Proposal 33: Cedrela spp.

Липсата на действия може да доведе до унищожаването на 230 млн. хектара гори през следващите четири ... 
Illegal logging in a Peruvian lowland rainforest where loggers cut the highly valuable cedro tree (Cedrela odorata).
Proposal: 33
Proponent: Germany (on behalf of the EU Member States)
Summary of proposal: Inclusion of Cedrela spp. on Appendix II.

WWF position SUPPORT

For WWF's full position, including the rationale and further information, please see page 25 in WWF Positions CITES COP14. Download PDF (3.6 MB | 48 pages)

Why is WWF supporting this proposal?

  • Species within the genus Cedrela are heavily exploited for their timber (for furniture and light building work) throughout their range (from Mexico and the islands of the Caribbean to Argentina)
  • The most commonly used species in the genus, Cedrela odorata, suffers from loss of habitat and overexploitation
  • Populations have declined in many countries (e.g. Argentina, Barbados, Bolivia, Guatemala, and Panama, and particularly in Central America)
  • Significant quantities of C. odorata are exported from Bolivia and Peru and may be considered a substitute for bigleaf mahogany Swietenia macrophylla (and can cause identification problems)
  • Main products in international trade include logs, sawnwood, plywood, and veneer
  • While some national laws and regulations exist to control illegal logging and trade, available data indicate these have thus far been insufficient to prevent declines
  • C. odorata meets the criteria for inclusion in Appendix II and other species in the genus should be listed for look-alike reasons (CITES Article II.2.b.)
  • Inclusion of this genus in Appendix II should mobilize sufficient national action and international cooperation to address current levels of exploitation and ensure the species is used legally and sustainably, and continues to occur in the wild


  • IUCN/TRAFFIC analysis of proposal 33 to amend the appendices for CoP 14. Download PDF (49 KB | 5 pages)

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