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Economics for Living Planet

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Why WWF works to green economies

The world is at a crossroads. The next 20 years will see the growing impacts of climate change, an alarming depletion of our natural resources and a human population reaching nine billion people.

Maintaining and increasing living standards for a population this size while using natural resources sustainably, is an unprecedented challenge for humanity.

Simply put, today’s generation must redefine how humans will interact and live in harmony with the natural environment. WWF is positioning itself at the forefront promoting sustainable use of finite natural resources critical to human civilization.

It means supporting activities to green economies by transitioning from damaging economic production to sustainable economic systems within planetary boundaries.

To realise this endeavour, WWF is working with partners and stakeholders to find ways of decoupling economic growth from resource use, explore and develop markets with environmental sustainability and ‘wellbeing for all’ at their heart, and advance policy to measure economic progress beyond GDP.

WWF has delivered green economy work in various ways: from trans-boundary approaches in places such as the Heart of Borneo, regional efforts in the Greater Mekong, to sectoral and supply chain work in countries like India and supporting green development plans in Mozambique and Myanmar.

WWF also works to promote innovative financing schemes including Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES), conservation finance, integrating the value of natural capital in decision making, and brokering partnerships at the corporate and at citizen level.

Stated briefly, WWF’s green economy work is aligned with sustainable economic development. It prioritises low-carbon just transition, addresses equity, values nature and provides an opportunity to leverage finance.

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