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WWF field series: Lessons learnt from 17 years of restoration in New Caledonia's drop tropical forest
This report captures lessons learnt from the forest landscape restoration (FLR) initiative in New Caledonia's dry tropical forest.

Experiences in Forest Landscape Restoration (FLR): Lessons learnt in the Fandriana-Marolambo landscape in Madagascar
This report captures lessons learnt from the 13 year-long initiative in Madagascar’s iconic moist forest.

Forests and Sustainable Development: The role of SDG 15 in delivering the 2030 Agenda
This report examines interlinkages and features examples from the ground showing the links between SDG 15 (Life on Land) and each of the other five SDGs under review in 2018 and SDG 13 (under review in 2019).

Responsible sourcing of forest products: The business case for retailers

Retail companies with strong responsible forest products sourcing policies are seeing numerous tangible business benefits, demonstrating that sustainability makes business sense.

Profitability and Sustainability in Responsible Forestry 

WWF study offers much needed insights into the economic impacts of FSC certification on forest operators. 
Forest Reports

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On a tropical island in the Pacific, one of the world’s most endangered ecosystems is making a ...

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WWF has published a new White Paper to help develop regional approaches to protect and manage ...

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An overview of the current state of paper recycling and recommendations to address issues.

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An increasing global population and the resulting demand for commodities has made resource rich ...

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