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14 Nov 2019

In financial terms, environmental crime is the third largest crime sector in the world.

13 Nov 2019

WWF-Bulgaria employing innovative tech to engage public to fight illegal logging.

08 Nov 2019

About 500,000 ha of forests are unknown and unprotected, left to the owners’ discretion.

01 Nov 2019

As parents prepared their children for back-to-school, WWF-Bulgaria promoted school supplies with ...

28 Oct 2019

Forest monitoring found that only five hectares of the core zone were affected, mainly due to ...

25 Oct 2019

Massive gatherings of people next to ski facilities make the chamois abandon or avoid their winter ...

22 Oct 2019

Six Romanian rangers have now lost their lives in recent years, two of them in the last month.

04 Oct 2019

Organizations will combine scientific expertise, knowledge and thought leadership to help tackle ...

02 Oct 2019

The secured area will protect 300,000 hectares of rapidly disappearing Northern taiga, the last ...

30 Sep 2019

WWF and many others are calling for an Emergency Declaration for Nature and People to be signed at ...

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