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20 May 2019

A 10-year project in the East Usambara mountains of Tanzania improved the prospects for people and ...

25 Apr 2019

Forest crime is a growing problem with links to organised crime and corruption - ranking 3rd in ...

22 Apr 2019

All regions of the Russian Caucasus (11 in total) have now adopted new Forest Management ...

20 Mar 2019

New platform seeks to increase supply and uptake of sustainable natural rubber.

15 Mar 2019

In 2013, Sinar Mas Group’s Asia Pulp & Paper (SMG/APP) committed to halt deforestation under its ...

01 Mar 2019

The announcement will help catalyze action on global restoration commitments.

15 Feb 2019

WWF has welcomed the decision by the government of the Republic of Congo to regulate the opening up ...

11 Jan 2019

Forests contain 80% of all life on land and cover around 30% of the Earth’s land area. They help ...

20 Dec 2018

The Miraflores and Picachos Regional Natural Park has become the first regional protected area in ...

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