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Agriculture and Environment: Commodities

Table of Facts: Salmon (Salmon salar)

Area Under Cultivation - Not applicable, production in net pens
Global Production - 1.0 Million MT
Average Productivity - Not applicable

International Trade
Share of World Production - 95% (estimate)
Exports - 950,000 MT
Average Price - $2,000 per MT
Value - $2 Billion

Principal Producing Countries/Blocs
(by weight)

Norway, Chile, United Kingdom, Canada

Principal Exporting Countries/Blocs
Norway, Chile, United Kingdom, Canada

Principal Importing Countries/Blocs
European Union, Japan, United States

Major Environmental Impacts

  • Escapes and introduction of exotics
  • Disease
  • Waste and nutrient loading
  • Pressure on wild fisheries for feed
  • Use of chemical inputs

Potential to Improve

  • Poor
  • Expensive to close the system either in the ocean or on shore
  • Without closed systems disease, escapes and wastes will be key issues
  • The use of wild fish for feed per kilogram of production is decreasing but still an issue
  • Consumer interest could push the industry

Source: FAO 2002; Johnson and Associates 2002. All data for 2000.


Extracts from "World Agriculture & Environment" by Jason Clay - buy the book online from Island Press

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