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How our palm scoring system works

3 palms
(Scores 20 to 29)
  • For companies in the top 10 list, WWF found that they have responded well to almost all of the individual asks WWF has made of all companies who buy palm oil.
  • They are all members of the RSPO and mostly active ones; most have made public commitments to using CSPO and have set up policies and control systems internally so that they have a good handle on where they are sourcing palm oil from and how they are using it; and finally they are all currently using at least some CSPO and in several cases they have been doing so for some time.
  • These companies are showing their competitors that it is possible to act responsibly when it comes to palm oil - but even they will need to do more to fulfill their targets to only use CSPO.
2 palms
(Scores 5 to <20)
  • Companies in this category have all made a start on the journey to sustainable palm oil - and in some cases they have already made good progress.
  • Most companies are members of the RSPO already, while others have recently applied to join. But RSPO membership alone is no longer enough.
  • Those scoring at the top of this range are the companies that have made comittments to CSPO and that have established control mechanisms over their use of palm oil. Several of these companies are already using some CSPO, which is a very welcome finding.
  • Overall WWF would expect many of these companies to be doing much better in future scorecards as their work progresses.
  • However, WWF would like to see those lower down the list to work more consistently and across the whole range of actions to improve.
1 palm
(Scores 0.5 to <5)
  • The companies in this range are those that have only just started to address the sustainability of their palm oil.
  • None of them are members of the RSPO and none are yet using any CSPO.
  • Some have the bare bones of policies and systems in place but they have yet to put in the work needed to transform their businesses. 
  • Given that CSPO is now available in the market WWF is expecting these companies to engage much more actively with the issue than they have to date.
No palm
(Score is 0)
  • These companies have shown no progress on sustainable palm oil yet.
  • Several of them declined to respond to WWF's requests for more information and their scores are based only on information that they published themselves.
  • These companies need to urgently change their ways on palm oil if they are going to keep up with their competitors and become responsible companies.
  • There is no excuse for any company not to act responsibly.

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