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2009 Palm Oil Buyers' Scorecard

As part of our work to encourage companies to purchase sustainable palm oil, we scored the palm oil purchasing practices of major European companies that make and sell everyday consumer products.
The performance of each company in the Scorecard was assessed against a set of objective criteria relating to their commitments to, and actions on, responsible purchasing of palm oil (read the press release).

What was the result?

The Scorecard revealed that while several companies in Europe that purchase palm oil are on the right track, most have yet to capitalize on the availability of certified sustainable palm oil to ramp up their sustainability practices.

Why did WWF produce the Scorecard?

Palm oil is a valuable commodity – but oil palm cultivation can have disastrous impacts on people and the environment.

Certified sustainable palm oil is one solution. However, although it is available in sufficient quantities, only a small portion of available certified sustainable palm oi has actually been bought.

We produced the scorecard to:

  • Hold up a mirror to major European retailers and manufacturers who buy palm oil, setting a baseline level of performance against which these companies can measure their improvements on sustainable palm oil sourcing over the coming years
  • Build awareness of sustainable palm oil among companies both inside and outside of the EU and  demonstrate that companies can be part of the solution
  • Show palm oil producers around the world  that there is a mainstream and growing market for sustainably produced palm oil

What's next?

Our assessment of companies in the future will set even higher benchmarks on their use of certified sustainable palm oil.

Check the 2011 Scorecard

Commitments since the Scorecard was released

A growing number of companies that were part of WWF's assessment are now making commitments to sustainable palm oil: 

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