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Adaptive Institutions

The report "Shifting Course: Climate Adaptation for Water Management Institutions" identifies a set of principles for climate-adaptive institutions. It includes five case studies from around the world that highlight different institutional responses to climate change and related challenges.

► Adaptive Institutions - click to read or download

Looking for more information?

Part of WWF's climate change adaptation work is research and capacity building.

The links on this page will lead you to reports and other guidance materials authored or co-authored by WWF.
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A dried up river bed in Morocco, North Africa, where rainfall has reduced by 75% as a result of climate change.
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Taking Action for turtles

This document provides an introduction to the Adaptation Toolkit and directions on how it can be used to incorporate climate change adaptation strategies into marine turtle and coastal ecosystem conservation.

► Taking Action: An Introduction to Climate Smart Conservation

Marine turtles and climate change: the ACT project

The Adaptation to Climate Change for Marine Turtles (ACT) project is examining how coastal ecosystems and marine turtles are affected by climate change and the best ways to reduce their vulnerability to changing environmental conditions.

Click here for the Adaptation to Climate Change Toolkit for coasts, a series of tools and resources aimed at anyone with an interest in climate change adaptation for coastal ecosystems.

Flowing Forward

Written by WWF and commissioned by the World Bank, the Flowing Forward report develops guiding principles, processes, and methodologies for incorporating climate change adaptation into water sector projects, with a particular emphasis on ecosystems.  

► click here for Flowing Forward


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WWF’S Rapid Assessment of Circum-Arctic Ecosystem Resilience (RACER) is a tool for identifying and mapping places of conservation importance throughout the Arctic. Read more here.

Climate Change and Mangroves

This WWF manual details on-the-ground experience and scientific knowledge to help conservation practitioners, protected area managers and other stakeholders responsible for protecting and managing the world's mangrove forests in a changing climate.

► Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment and Adaptation Planning for Mangrove Systems (download)

Sablayan Climate Change Adaptation Project: a video

Key concepts in CCA: a presentation

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