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West African Marine Ecoregion project

Project achievements

The first tasks of WWF's Programme in the West African Marine Ecoregion (WAMER) were to establish links with key government sectors, NGOs, and individuals in the region to undertake reconnaissances of all the WAMER countries in order to identify important threats to wildlife and fisheries, and to survey the region's coastal protected areas.

Over the past 3 years WAMER's achievements include :

  • The "Award of Excellence" of WWF Africa and Madagascar programme received in March 2004 by the WWF WAMER Programme Coordinator. This distinction rewards each year, WWF’s employee which made an outstanding contribution to conservation during that particular year.

  • The "Diploma of Honour for outstanding contribution to Environmental protection" awarded to WWF WAMER Programme by the Senegalese Minister of Environment in June 2004. This diploma rewards the most active environmental organization.

  • The creation of four (4) Marine Protected Areas in Senegal of 960 km2 which was celebrated like a "Gift to the Earth" in Durban (South Africa) in September 2003. The "Gift to the Earth" is a recognition of a major conservation action. This was classified among the 8 most significant achievements of the World Parks Congress in Durban (South Africa).

  • A biological, social and economic analysis (recognition) of the WAMER Ecoregion biodiversity conducted.

  • The mapping of conservation priority zones of the WAMER Ecoregion.

  • The organization of one regional and six national workshops to develop a shared vision for the conservation of marine and coastal biodiversity within the WAMER Ecoregion.

  • The development, in collaboration with our PRCM partners (Programme Régional de Conservation Marine), of a Marine Protected Areas strategy for the WAMER Ecoregion.

  • A technical and financial support to the surveillance and management of the Banc d’Arguin National park (Mauritania).

  • The capacity development of the technical partners working on marine turtles and the harmonization of marine turtles populations monitoring methods in the WAMER Ecoregion (Training workshop in Guinea-Bissau in July 2004)

  • The Development of a marine turtles conservation plan for the WAMER Ecoregion in collaboration with our PRCM partners.

  • The development of a significant Marine and Coastal Conservation Project in collboration with the Government of Cape Verde.

  • The contribution made to the development of some Regional Minimal conditions for access to fishing zones.

  • The improvement Participatory Management model of fish resources and marine environment in Cayar (Senegal), and its popularization in the Ecoregion (2 films, 10 radio programmes, documents posted in the WWF website, 5 presentations made during seminars).

  • The support provided to the governments of Senegal, Cape Verde and Guinea with regard to fisheries agreements negotiation.

  • The production and dissemination of information on fisheries agreements (1 book, and through emails).

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