How WWF can help your seafood business | WWF

How WWF can help your seafood business

  • Identify opportunities for technical improvements to reduce bycatch and incidental catch of threatened species (e.g. turtles, sharks) while working with fishing communities and management authorities to gain broad support for bycatch reduction
  • Provide technical input in sustainable full-cycle grouper mariculture to reduce overfishing and minimize pollution
  • Work to link you to producers, buyers or suppliers who have already made commitments towards improved environmental sustainability. Some of our partners (Culimar, Anova, Edeka, Coop) are working with local companies in Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam, and with supply chain links regionally and globally
  • Guide you through the process leading to the certification of your fishery. We are working throughout the region towards the promotion of best fishing practices that will immediately improve the responsibility of fisheries and eventually lead to certification
  • Where possible and appropriate, we will publicly recognize your progress and accomplishments to the media

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