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Circle hooks case study

WWF’s efforts to introduce circle hooks in longline fleets and train fishermen in sea turtle recovery methods have reduced the number of sea turtles caught by up to 80% in the Coral Triangle.
The new circle hooks are much less likely to be swallowed by turtles than traditional J-shaped hooks. 

Circle hook caught tuna is catching on across the entire supply line, from fishermen to retailers. Companies that now have plans to source circle hook caught tuna from the Coral Triangle include global seafood supplier Culimer BV and US seafood company Anova Food.

Anova has been working in direct partnership with WWF-Indonesia in outfitting vessels with circle hooks and working with local fishermen and processors to ensure a supply of tuna harvested in a more responsible manner.

Culimer has supported circle hook trials in the region as well as sourcing tuna from Luen Thai Fishing Ventures, a large fishing company who themselves have entered into an MOU committing to circle hook deployment.

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