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Yellowfin tuna strikes back, sinks boat!!!

Posted on 14 November 2012    
Mamburao, Mindoro Philippines – A tuna handline fishing boat FB Harvester, was rammed by a 66 kg yellowfin tuna as it is being hauled to deck. According to accounts of fishers, the fish upon taking bait immediately swam to the surface, making the hauling of the line very easy.

But moments later a large cracking sound was heard and immediately saw the half of the tuna was inside the boat. The tuna fish died immediately. The fishers were faced with the dilemma on what to do as it is impossible to pull the fish out. But to cut the fish in half meant no price for this fish.

The other option was to make the hole larger and get the fish in one piece. Attempts to remove the fish proved futile and within few minutes, the boat was completely submerged in water. However, it did not sink to the bottom as the handline boat was all made of half inch plyboard and buoyed up by the outrigger made of bamboos.

The call for help was immediately responded to by two other fishing boats nearby. Luckily, none of the five crew members was hurt in the incident but it took three boats and 8 hours of towing to bring the ill-fated boat to safety and the yellowfin tuna without any ice to the market .

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