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CTI Regional Business Forum 2011

The Coral Triangle Initiative - Regional Business Forum, is an annual platform where global business leaders and senior officials from the 6 Coral Triangle countries meet to update on sustainable development and explore opportunities for the promotion and implementation of sustainable solutions in the Coral Triangle.
Coral reef seascape. 
Coral reef seascape.
The CTI Regional Business Forum took place on 10-11 October 2011 at the Royale Chulan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

What did the Forum aim for?
  1. Engage business and industry leaders in developing innovative solutions that are both profitable and sustainable for the Coral Triangle region
  2. Promote networking and collaboration among the private sector, CTI Member countries, NGOs and international institutions to address green investment opportunities for increased economic growth
  3. Catalyse new partnerships between the private and public sectors that foster shared goals for sustainable marine resources
  4. Ensure continuous commitment from key sectors in supporting CTI Member countries’ goals, shared vision and initiative towards achieving sustainable development
The forum was designed to meet the needs of a broad range of institutions in the Coral Triangle:
  • Non-governmental organisations that support on-the-ground implementation of sustainable practices.
  • Business representatives from key sectors that require healthy marine resources to run their operations, such as commercial fisheries, tourism operators, and the transportation industry.
  • Financial managers that invest in growth opportunities within the region.
  • Technology innovators that provide tools and services as drivers of increased green investment.
  • Policy makers at the national and provincial levels that want to learn how to better engage the private sector as a partner in managing shared resources.


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