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Kick Andy on location in the Heart of Borneo

	© WWF Indonesia - Silfia Febrina
Kick Andy on location
© WWF Indonesia - Silfia Febrina
A group of WWF Indonesia staff accompanied a team from Kick Andy, a television show on Metro TV, to feature a story about FORMADAT (Alliance of the Indigenous People of the Highlands of Borneo) in Krayan, Malinau, East Kalimantan - an area within the Heart of Borneo.

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School trip into the Heart of Borneo

	© WWF-Indonesia / Jane Spence
Long boat through Danau Sentarum (Lake Sentarum), West Kalimantan
© WWF-Indonesia / Jane Spence
Following on from the HoB Youth Debate held earlier this year, a group of students from Jakarta won a trip of a lifetime to one of the most important areas in the HoB: Danau Sentarum National Park and the local community in Kapuas Hulu District in West Kalimantan.

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