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The Upcoming Earth Hour in Pontianak

Posted on 21 March 2018

The Earth Hour will be held again in Pontianak. The WWF-initiated global campaign movement targets all components; starting from individuals, communities, business people, to the government.
Pontianak – The Earth Hour will be held again in Pontianak. The WWF initiated global campaign movement targets all components; starting from individuals, communities, business people, to the government. All components are invited to jointly care about efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions that resulted in global warming until finally make an impact on climate change.

Windy Chintia, the Coordinator for Earth Hour in Pontianak said that the peak celebration to Earth Hour night will be held on March 24, 2018. "It’s too bad that this year event received less response from the government. Maybe because it coincides with the election campaign or other factors," she said in EH Media Briefing at WWF-Indonesia West Kalimantan Office, Thursday (15/3/2018).

Earth Hour, said Windy, always shows a way to care, and performs one easy and inexpensive action simultaneously around the world. Namely, turning off lights and electronic equipment that is not used for one hour, on every Saturday in the third week of March at 20:30 to 21:30 (local time).

Biology student of Tanjungpura University – Pontianak explained that Earth Hour is a mass movement that has a goal to campaign green lifestyle. Therefore, there are several programs implemented to achieve a more conscious and caring community of the importance of safeguarding the earth. This program consists of Public Campaign, School Campaign, Goes to Campus, and others which summarized in Beyond the Hour.

Earth Hour's annual implementation of this city icon is aimed at lifting city icons and showing the world the city government's commitment to reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

As the culmination of the series of activities, Earth Hour will hold a celebration night at Kapuas Alun Park as the main venue. Other activities are also held in several city landmarks such as the Mujahidin Mosque, Tugu Digulis Untan, and Pontianak Cathedral which will be the ‘Switch Off’ spot on the night.

The Head of Pontianak Environment Department, Sri Sujiarti, M.Si said the movement invites everyone to participate in reducing the rate of climate change, by making the lifestyle green and energy-saving behavior as a new habit. "An example to this green lifestyle can be done by sorting out the garbage. This is in line with the Pontianak Environmental Office program, one of which is to realize Pontianak Bebas Sampah 2025," she said.

WWF-Indonesia West Kalimantan Program Manager, Albertus Tjiu, said Earth Hour is one of WWF's media campaigns that invites the community to be more concerned about the environment. "If people start to care, this will affect many aspects, such as Sustainable Consumption Production and biodiversity. Consumptive behavior of society whose not accompanied by awareness of the environment will cause the age of the earth getting shorter and unfit for habitation," he explained.

The impact of this ignorance can already be felt, ranging from an increasingly hot air temperature, erratic seasons, and others. In addition, this consumptive behavior also affects the number of forests that exist from the large number of processed wood products used. The abundance of deforested forests is affecting existing biodiversity, especially in West Kalimantan.

For 2018, Earth Hour in Indonesia has entered its tenth year and seventh year in Pontianak. Certainly Earth Hour has brought lifestyle changes to individuals, communities, business people and governments.

The Government of Pontianak supports this activity by issuing a handbill to turn off the lights that are not used for 1 hour at 20:30 to 21:30. In connection with that, Earth Hour Pontianak also held Media Gathering by cooperating with all media in Pontianak City to recall what has been done by Earth Hour Pontianak for one year back.
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Earth Hour 2018
Dedi Alfius, Earth Hour, Pontianak, West Kalimantan
Earth Hour in Pontianak, West Kalimantan
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Earth Hour in Pontianak, West Kalimantan
Earth Hour in Pontianak
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